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FAIRY PARK HERITAGE CITY : A Dream To Complete Millions Of Filial Hearts

For centuries past, “Reunion” is the core of every Chinese family. When our parents are still alive, their most anticipated moment in a year is when their children come home to visit them. After their passing, all they wish for is to be remembered by their children. Why is it that we only wait for the Qingming Festival to remember our deceased parents?

How do we encourage our descendants to take the initiative and pay respects to their ancestors for more than one occasion?

Fairy Park Heritage City

After much consideration and with the goal of extending traditional Chinese culture in mind, Fairy Park Group decided to build the Fairy Park Heritage City on 163 acres of land. Apart from resembling China’s ancient city Lijiang by instilling traditional elements and colours, it is designed to capture the elements of wind and water. Landscaped with lush greenery, complete with a waterfall, classic stone arches, crafted wooden walls and polished tiles; it is a picturesque view that brings to mind beautiful ancient Chinese paintings.

Entering the city leaves your worries behind, calms your thoughts and soothes the soul. Providing a serene environment that brings peace and returns one back to the basics of ancestor worship.

“We are brought to this life with happiness and we leave our mortality with dignity; marking a perfect end to a wonderful life.”


Fairy Park Recreation Centre

Within the Fairy Park Heritage City, we have allocated 53 acres of land for a Recreation Centre, which is the very first of its kind in Malaysia. By providing a place to foster family bonds through a healthy lifestyle, we completely transform the impression of modern day ancestor worship and shine a new light into filial piety. With the concept of “By the community for the community”, the Fairy Park Recreation Centre offers a lifetime membership of access the facilities within the city. It becomes a motivating encouragement for the younger generation to come more often and cherish the memory of our ancestors.

The Fairy Park Recreation Centre offers a wide array of sports facilities (badminton court, tennis court, swimming pool and gym), a café and even a children’s water gun pool that everyone can enjoy! If you are looking for a peaceful activity and wish not to be disturbed, you may go fishing at our serene lakes. After a day of wonderful family activities, the family can savour a sumptuous meal at the Chinese cuisine restaurant at Fairy Park Recreation Centre. While our ancestors may have left us physically, the memories of family and feelings that we have had together is something that we will treasure for all time.

The Fairy Park Heritage City project provides a place for children and grandchildren alike to remember their ancestors. For any given day, family members can visit the memorial and gather with all the people they hold dearly in their hearts.

Early Booking Promotion

A total of RM 500 million has been invested into the 163 acre Fairy Park Heritage City which is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

Fairy Park’s success today is because of our customer’s support over all these years. In return, we are offering up the first 1000 units of the columbarium. In this promotion, each unit will only cost you RM 480 per month or RM 680 for twin-units over a five-year period of zero interest instalments; cancellations are entitled to a full refund. To encourage the younger generation’s continual visits, whoever participates in this promotion will enjoy a free membership of lifetime access to all the facilities at our Recreation Centre.

As a worry-free guarantee, all of our projects including the Fairy Park Heritage City, is fully funded by the Fairy Park Group without any loans.

Fairy Park Heritage City is a trusted place for our ancestors to rest in peace and also where we can build family bonds across all generations to preserve the Chinese ancestor worship culture. Feel free to contact us for more information,

Fairy Park Heritage City’s Profile: https://fairy-park.com

Facebook URL: facebook.com/myfairypark

Contact number: 1300 889 889

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